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Introduction to website when published in November 2014

Recently Transport for London (TfL) circulated a pamphlet and published an on-line consultation document about changes to the cycle lane running between Aldgate and Bow roundabout. It is intended that a new 2 meter wide cycle track be created on each side of Whitechapel Road, Mile End Road and Bow Road using the configuration presently seen between Bow roundabout and Stratford. The whole Aldgate to Stratford track is designated CS2.

‘On-the-ground’ consultation appears to have been limited to four, four hour sessions. Large scale plans were on display at these sessions and questions answered on an individual basis by the staff in attendance. Written responses were invited in the pamphlets and a freepost address and a telephone number given to obtain relevant documentation. The consultation period ended on November 2nd. It is unclear if TfL will publish submissions made during the consultation period.

Tfl indicates the proposed changes are specifically dedicated to the safety and convenience of cyclists. A table of data is provided within the on-line consultation document, which shows the projections for future journey times, including the time taken for pedestrians waiting to cross the road. Understandably perhaps, the Overview narrative that goes with the data concentrates on motor vehicles and cyclists. Bus passengers are mentioned only in so far as their journey times will be affected and also feature in an explanatory video about bus stop bypasses.

Maps of the intended upgrade are accessible on-line and a close view of the proposed changes indicate the introduction of an unregulated cycle traffic flow, which will take priority over the access points on the bypasses. This website looks at the possible impact the present plans for the bypasses may have on bus passengers using bus stops close to Whitechapel and Mile End stations during the evening rush hour. Observations are also made of the bypasses already created on the Bow to Stratford section of CS2.

Click here to go to comments on bypasses between Bow and Stratford and here to comments on the proposed Whitechapel bus stop B bypass and here for Mile End bus stop D bypass.

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